Xandar Roland

Human Paladin of Falcaire


The most distinguishing thing about Xandar Roland is his complete anonymity. He doesn’t stand out in a crowd. He isn’t someone you may remember sharing a drink with at the local pub. People passing him in the street if asked later would all give descriptions of an average human that may have looked like their neighbor, a shopkeep, even a soldier perhaps.


Xandar was conscripted into the local militia because he had no other talents or skills. He was not a first born or a skilled tradesman, he wasn’t anything. Once ‘enlisted’ he began to train and found a certain harmony and comfort in the daily repetition of a soldiers life. Wake up, train, eat, tend to duties, sleep. It wasn’t until he was completed his training that his assignment came down from his commander. He was to hold and maintain the standard for his battalion. But it wasn’t Xandar who was the one the soldiers looked to, it was his flag. It wasn’t Xandar commanding the troops, he was just a messenger…a signal..a sign. Then he began to notice…signs of his own. A falcon circling over head against the prevailing breeze. He would notice while other flags and standards would be blowing one way, his was always blowing another. Then the dreams began, always with a voice on the wind or the feeling of being pushed not by hands but by gentle breezes at times, strong winds another to foreign cities and lands. It was now he began to realize that maybe he was meant for more. Maybe he was meant to do more. Speaking to his battalions Cleric the suggestion that perhaps Falcaire, goddess of the winds and wanderers was speaking out to him and had selected him as one of her warrior and protectors. So leaving his home and city behind Xandar has set forth to follow the winds and see if perhaps he wasn’t meant for something more and something greater….


Xandar Roland

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