The Forever Beyond

Getting to Town

Brandon introduced his character Symon, a human wizard; Jeannie introduced her character Romella, a half-elf merchant Fighter; and Jason introduced REEP!, his human swamp Druid. The two characters had been travelling west from Eldarq a half day’s journey ahead of the main party. Their caravan had also been set upon by goblinoids, and the fire that destroyed their wagons is what originally alerted the other travelers to the danger. Xandar and Strangar had briefly glimpsed the remains of one of their wagons, however they did not bother to stick around and look for survivors, leaving Romella and REEP! to fend for themselves.

So the following morning, all the travelers from both caravans meet one another while continuing their journey west on foot. Waukeen’s troupe of performers passed wineskins freely among themselves, and Lisotte’s band of dwarves offered their strong brew to the less fortunate folks to ease their thirst. A long and weary day is spent walking and getting to know one another, and just before nightfall the entourage passes the first small dwelling that marks the edge of town. A small girl, barefoot and wearing a dirty white dress, stands outside the hovel selling flowers for 1 cp each. Lisotte buys what is probably just a pretty-looking weed for 1 sp and a handful of sweeties. The girl thanked her breathlessly and welcomed the travelers to Dorasville.

Pretty much everyone made a beeline for the largest building within sight, a tavern & inn by the look of it. As everyone settled down for a round of drinks (courtesy of Lisotte) and a meal of overcooked pork, the caravan survivors spread the story of how the party saved their lives. Symon introduced himself by shouting a warning “Don’t eat the pork!” and went on to inform Lisotte that she was in Grave Danger. The dwarf invited him to share their meal (kosher) and he used a crystal ball to divine her fortune.

Soon the p[arty was approached by a well dressed young man, who announced he was a herald of the local nobility, Lord Albion Thuridge, who has been waiting for a group of heroes such as they. The entire group was invited to Lord Albion’s manor for breakfast the following morning.


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