The Forever Beyond

Character Gen

Amy created a forest gnome ranger.
Brandy created a dwarf fighter, and a backup character, an elf druid.
Chris M created a human paladin.
Chris S created an elf wizard.
Jason was appointed a half-gnome, half-dragon, zombie exotic dancer, or something similarly off the wall.
Mike created a half-elf bard.
Randy created a human barbarian.

Most of the characters started play traveling west out of the human-elven trade city Eledarq. A small caravan consisting of four wagons and some additional horses and ponies traveled along the trade route, and came to a watering pool sheltered in a small wood. As they entered the shaded area, they were brought to an early halt due to a fallen tree blocking the road. One of the group noticed the tree had been smashed and was knocked over, an obvious and often-used ambush tactic. The caravan was attacked by a bugbear and a dozen goblins. After two short rounds of melee, the goblins suffered surprising losses and fled the battle with what goods they could carry. The party healed their wounds and decided not to make camp at the watering pool and continued their journey a few more hours before making camp.

All players gain 100 exp.



I’m glad you started an adventure log right from the get go. :)

Character Gen

OK I’ve got a halfling monk on backup as well

Character Gen

I want to get some of the game under my belt before I start thinking about a backup. See how things work. Last time I played actual D&D was over 25 years ago.

That said, I’ve always liked monks, but in the old-timey D&D I remember monks where at best a mixed bag. These newfangled monks and their shadow teleport thing might be too tempting to pass up though…

Character Gen
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