Lisotte Firebrand

Dwarven fighter noble



Lisotte Firebrand is a young kingsdaughter from the underground kingdom of Stonetemple. She recently left the safety of the stone to begin her Test: find a cure for her beloved father’s accursed malady.

Her given name is a Dwarven homophone: lisotte means dutiful and lisot means little.


Lisotte’s name in Dwarven runes

Well regarded for her piousness and generosity, Lisotte is pragmatic, stubborn, and utterly devoted to her family. She doesn’t consider herself to be a great thinker, but she’s literate and fluent in Dwarven, Human, and Orc. She spent half her childhood reading tales of adventure, so she knows a fair amount of Dwarven history. Growing up with seven brothers, she also knows how to fight with an axe and hammer.

Appearance-wise, Lisotte is buxom and rather tall (4’5"). She has wavy carnelian (cut short, to her shoulders) shoulder length hair, sapphire eyes, and the barest hint of a cleft chin.


Riswyn’s hammer


Lisotte’s axe


Lisotte’s bracers


“I am Lisotte Firebrand, daughter of King Ragnar and Queen Elsinore of Stonetemple.

“For two centuries, King Ragnar, my father, has ruled Stonetemple. His first wife, Queen Ingritta, a Gemstone from Havensguard, died giving birth to my [half] brother Einar. My mother, Elinsore Duskmantle from Stonetemple, first married Ulric Ironmace of Peakshome. Ulric died fighting Orcs when my mother was still heavy with my [half] brother Rokkar. My father adopted Rokkar when he married my mother. My parents made six children together: the twins Ragnok and Ragvald, Tollken, Morghin, Delvin, and me. I am the youngest.

“I am bethrothed to Galdark Blackhammer, the oldest son of King Torvald and Queen Gerda of Peakshome. Our fathers have arranged for us to marry after I complete my Test.”


King Ragnar of Stonetemple


Galdark Blackhammer of Peakshome



Lisotte Firebrand

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