Half-Elf Bard


Korwyn is a slight young Half-Elf lad, only barely into his teens. He is slim and shorter than the average human, standing only 5’ 6" or so. He wears his ash blonde hair somewhat longer than a human boy would, but not at all unusual for an elf. He also has striking turquoise eyes, no doubt a feature passed down from his father.

Korwyn usually dresses like a typical traveling commoner: in a loose tunic style shirt, a belt from which hang a rapier, dagger and some pouches, breeches and travel boots. He also wears a hooded cloak, for when the weather turns foul. Since joining the theatre troupe, Korwyn has earned enough that his clothing is no longer the threadbare rags of his urchin childhood. Korwyn makes a point these days to keep his clothes clean and well kept, now that he is able to afford it.

While not overly gregarious, Korwyn is quite friendly and would be happy to regale one of the many tales he’s heard from his limited travels or play one of the many songs he’s learned for a coin or two.


Korwyn was born in the bustling city of Selithina in the Republic of Sutteron, to a poor human peasant woman who had been swept off her feet for a night by a wealthy Elven traveler. Life was hard for the two of them, and it became harder still for Korwyn when his mother passed away from disease when he was only 7. Forced to fend for himself, Korwyn used his quick wits and even quicker reflexes to survive in the unforgiving city. He was finally able to escape his life of poverty as a young teen when he acquired a flute and discovered he had a talent for music. He joined a passing theatre troupe as a musician, and became apprenticed to the bard Alezander DeRose. Korwyn has been traveling with the troupe learning to be a bard himself for about a year now.


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